New Education Model: Multimedia Art

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Multimedia Performance, as a special type of Multimedia Art, also known as Happening or art in which a single person or a group, in a certain place and at a certain time, take an action. Performance can be a series of intimate gestures, or much bigger visual theatre, and can be done with or without scenario. It is a variety of art specific for integrated individuals, and thus it becomes helpful in the postfeminist period as an opponent to sexual discrimination (sexism).

Experiences from Practice: Christmas in Musical Pictures:
Experiences from practice can be seen in a performance 'Christmas in Musical Pictures' prepared with the students of The Faculty of Teacher Education in Osijek, in Slavonski Brod, while teaching at 'Multimedia Culture', and with pupils of the Elementary school Ivan Goran Kovačić (15 primary school students and 15 college students). It was performed in 2004, before Christmas, in a large theatre, as a primary Multimedia Performance.

Through six intensively integrated musical pictures, pupils, students and mentor stressed the idea of permanent learning's importance. Musical genres were chosen very precisely to challenge the effect of astonishment:

- Minimalistic music (Philip Glass, Windows of Appearances)

- Baroque music (Pergolesi, Salve Regina)

- Atonal music (Kronos Quartet, Doom. A Sigh - Christmas in
Croatian War)

- Jazz (Pat Metheny, As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls)

- Traditional English Christmas carols (Silent Night, Away in a Manger)

- Traditional Croatian Christmas carols (Radujte se narodi)

Although the genres had been mixed, the result of the Performance was not Kitsch, but rather a real Postmodern Work of Art. (short films can be seen)

Keywords: Education, Multimedia Art, Performance, Permanent Learning
Stream: Performing Arts Practices: Theatre, Dance, Music
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Dr. Vesna Srnic

Media Culture Teacher, Media Culture Board and Multimedia Board
Faculty of Teacher Education (collaborator), the Faculty of Teacher Education (Collaborator)

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Vesna Srnić (1958) is professor of Art History and Literature. She was teaching 'Media culture' and 'Multimedia culture' at The Croatian Faculty of Teacher Education in Osijek, department in Slavonski Brod for 8 years, and now she is a professional collaborator there. She postgratuated on video-art at Zagreb (Faculty of Philosophy) and is defending her doctoral theses 'Aesthetics and Electronic media in Postfeministic theory'. Personal education in Canada enriched her interests in multimedia art. Vesna Srnić has been an editor of several electronic magazines:, (performance and collaboration between Croatian, Scottish and Finnish schools), and 'Media-via' e-zine for media and culture topics ( She participated at several International conferences of Croatian Academic Research Net ( and XV. Science and Technology. She prepares students for multimedia performances. They have exhibited multimedia poem 'The Soul of the World' at the International 24th Music Biennale in Zagreb. ( Contact: M.A.Vesna Srnic, Slavonski Brod, Croatia e-mail: mob. 098/501-835

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