The Importance of Colors in Our Life: How Colors Determine Our Preferences

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Actually, there is no such a fact as color in our world, however: there are only light waves bearing variety of wave length. When eyes look at an object, they see the reflection of the light from that matter. Human eye can differentiate color spectrum from hundreds of different light wave, thanks to highly sensitive cells inside it. This ability enable us perceive world full of colors. Wave length not only affects our sight but influences our feelings and behaviors as well. Our reactions to colors come into being as a result of the mixture of biological, physiological, psychological, social and cultural effects.
Today, colors are used as a very effective tool in fashion, advertisements and presentations. Psychologists have found that colors are 60% effective in purchasing and enjoying a product within this context, the aim of this study is to suggest the reasons of preference of colors on packages used in our daily life from the point of view of human taste.

Keywords: Effect of Colors, Packages Color Influence, Presentation Psychology
Stream: Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
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Yildiray Tosun

Instructor, Department of Graphic Design, Anadolu University
Eskisehir, Turkey

Yıldıray Tosun is an instructor at the Department of Graphic Design at Anadolu University School for Handicapped.

Ref: A09P0799