Art of Settling in Traditional Iranian Garden Tents in the Qajarid Era

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A traditional tent in Iranian gardens of the Qajarid era acted as a functional space and mediator between landscape space and edifice of garden, a mediator between social life in landscape and private life of human beings, where they dwelled in the summer. As a traditional tent had a direct relation with life, it could be a step for manifestation of a social artistic place in Qajarid society. Traditional tents in Iranian gardens in Qajarid era are a good example of how art can be combined with the landscape environment. These tents were usually located in the middle of the garden in various forms and functions, for king, common people, cooks, and servants that were a gathering place. So this complex was almost the liveliest part of social temporary residence in a summer, because of its liveliness. Its physical forms and spatial arrangement was such that it was called inhabitants to live there in Qajarid era. Its architecture and related arts (decoration, lightening, etc.) played a great role in making it a place to be loved and remembered. The complex of tents together was place like residential quarters center where people gathered together and made their collective memories. In this paper we will present dwelling in these tents in Iranian gardens in Qajarid era and analyze the physical and spatial characteristic of them in gardens. We will show how architecture and its related arts can influence a simple garden landscaping to be one of the most memorial places in human social life.

Keywords: Art, Architecture, Tent, Landscape, Collective Memory, Temporary Residence
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Hadi Khiabani

Assistant Professor, Architect, Islamic Azad University of Iran, Arvand Consultant Engineers
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I studied architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Islamic Azad University of Iran , Tehran branch. I had done a great deal of research in several field including housing design, urban design, and landscape design.My special field of study during last 5 years has been architecture. I have worked for research institute during last 5 years and I am assistant professor at the faculty of architecture in the Islamic Azad University.

Minoo Laffafchi

Graduate Student of Architecture, Department of Shahid Beheshti University of Iran
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Graduate student, Faculty of architecture, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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