Figurative Symbol Shaped Forms in Anatolian Ceramics and its Contemporary Samples

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Anatolia has been the ceramic production center all through history. Especially, animal or human shaped potteries called Rhyton are unique artifacts which still remain today. The very first examples of these artifacts are found in the late Neolithic Period. Today, ceramic finds that were engraved and produced similarly in Hittite, Urartu and Phrygian work of ceramics are exhibited in many museum collections.

These artifacts that were once used for religious purposes have inspired many contemporary ceramic artists.

In this study, some samples of figurative works which still exist will be presented in chronological order and the study will be finalized by the presentation of some sample works by the contemporary artists and works of my own.

Keywords: Rhyton, Ceramic, Anatolia, Figurative
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Dr. Ahmet Cuneyt Er

Lecturer, Anadolu University School for Handicapped, Anadolu University
Eskisehir, Turkey

Ref: A09P0788