Installation Art and Examples of Ceramic Installations

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Installation Art (briefly, installation), in contrast to traditional art works, is an art type that contains an works designed for a definite space without the concern of environment; uses and investigates attributes of space, and also requires audience participation.
Impression of conceptual art for ceramics can be seen in the isolation of objects, used together with the environment, installations and word art. Ceramics can be easily produced by industrial methods. By molding the artwork individually, installations can be made more easily than many other artworks. Ceramics is used in installation widely because of the popularity of installation and conceptual art.

Keywords: Installation, Art, Ceramic Installations, Assemblage
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Ece Kanışkan

Lecturer, Fashion Design Department
Industrial Design School, Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Centrum, Turkey

She was born in Eskişehir in 1971 and graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic Department in 1994. She started to work as a lecturer at Anadolu University School for the Handicapped in 1995. She completed her M.A. degree at Ceramics department in Anadolu University, Gratduate School of Social Sciences in 1998. She is stil working on her doctoral dissertation in Ceramics dpartment at Anadolu University Gratduate School of Social Sciences. She participated in several international competitions, symposiums and group exhibitions. She received one award in the field of ceramics. She stil working Industrial Art School, Fashion Design department.

Ref: A09P0775