High Definition Art: Through the Glass Clearly and Brightly

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The convergence of Hi-Definition media, computer. internet, telephone, and many digital imaging and audio technologies are opening new paths in the landscape of art and learning. They are, in fact both reshaping and rediscovering what it means to be “human”. These technologies have defined and are defining a new language for modern study in the Arts and new, clear, bright avenues for artists to create. As artists and educators we will lead this new wave of human discovery. This paper will be both analytical and speculative, exploring current revolutionary uses of new interactive, Hi-Def media in the Arts and will ask the audience to take a journey with us — we: artists, educators, producers, directors, and dreamers. This journey will not only investigate current possibilities but also consider opportunities for a brave, new world of human engagement and expansion.

Keywords: Media, Art, Education, High Definition, Technology, Video, Audio, Television, Computer, Learning, Internet, World Wide Web, Digital, Digital Image, Producer, Director, Convergence, Online, New Media
Stream: Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
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Prof. Anthony Labriola

Coordinator of Instructional Development/Professor, Division of Digital Learning and Media Design, Governors State University
University Park, Illinois, USA

At Governors State University, Mr. Labriola holds a joint appointment as Coordinator of Instructional Development: New Media, and as full Professor of Television and Film. With more than 30 years experience, he is nationally recognized as a leader in educational and children's media earning three EMMY awards and a Gabriel award. He has produced broadcast programs for WGN-TV and WBBM-TV and received distinguished awards for his documentaries and public affairs programs from the National University Telecommunications Network and the International Television and Video Association (now MCA). He is the Creative Director for the multi-media series, The PRIDE Digital Curriculum launched in the US and Canada in 2008. Professor Labriola served as judge for Prix Jeunnesse, as delegate to the First World Summit for Children and Television in Melbourne, Australia, and as organizer and delegate for the Second World Summit on Media for Children in London. He is also a writer/producer/director/designer/actor in theater having written three plays and directed many others. His acting credits include over 30 roles such as Salieri in Amadeus, and Bogie in Play It Again, Sam. He has done numerous professional presentations, including the Directing Institute for the International Television Association.

Ref: A09P0746