The Use of Turkish Decoration Patterns and Motifs in Fashion Design

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Fashion is a notion reflecting itself in ever corner of the daily life. Even though it is considered synonymous to clothing in a narrow sense, it reflects itself in many areas in addition to clothing industry such as communication tools, cars, accessories, decoration, cosmetics and so on.
While the notion of fashion presents in such a large range, it also renews itself through the help of art. Particularly the decoration arts had a long lasting effect shaping the fashion trends. The influence of Turkish decoration arts, which is almost grounded in the Middle Asia, can be investigated through this perspective as well.
Turkish decoration arts can be viewed as a branch of drawing, and involves figures, patterns and motifs that are effectuated to make clothes, furniture and places more aesthetic. The richness of the Turkish decoration arts stem from the rich variety of motifs and patterns involved, color prosperity and aesthetic properties of these motif and patterns. With long lasting and unique characteristics, these motifs and patterns have been used in a variety of fields through current fashion reinterpretations. Particularly the contemporary fashion designers frequently use old Turkish decoration art patterns and motifs. The current study aims to investigate the ways in which fashion designers make use of Turkish decoration art patterns and motifs with a particular reference to the nature of the exchange and interaction between fashion design and Turkish decoration arts.

Keywords: Turkish Decoration Patterns, Fashion Design
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Duygu Ozgul Dursun

Academic, Fashion Design Department, Anadolu University
Eskisehir, Inner Anatolia, Turkey

Duygu Ozgul Dursun is an instructor at the Department of Fashion Design at Anadolu University, Turkey. She has an M.A. in Fashion Design with emphasis on aestheticsm and functionality in clothes. She conducts research on Fashion design, traditional decoration patterns, motifs and materials.

Ref: A09P0732