Another Way With Words: Language as an Art Practice

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Questioning conventional notions of what constitutes art as a discipline and what materials are appropriate for art as a practice , the investigation of language has been a defining feature of twentieth century art . To research the significance of merging text with image , I developed an interdisciplinary methodology based on the concept of book ; a socially given structure for collecting , ordering and conveying knowledge , I applied book as an intrepretive framework to specific practices through the close reading of individual artworks . In so doing , it was not my intention to translate art into academic discourse but rather to develop my own research and writing as a form of creative practice ; to respond to my subject in a poetic way . To exemplify this , I will discuss hypertext as an interdisciplknary art practice drawing on poems by Mallarme and Jabes , a bookwork by Broodthaers and photographs by Ralph Gibson and Abelardo Morell as examples .

Keywords: Image text, Hypertext, Interdisciplinarity, Book
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Ann Katrina Ingrid Poulsen

Doctoral Student, Research Assistant
Arts, University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Ann graduated from the University of Auckland with M.A. 1st Class Honours in Sociology and Film . After a career in design as a Creative Director , she returned to university to undertake doctoral research on image text , the use of language as an art practice . Ann is a recognized author in this field , having been commisioned by the Victoria University Press to contribute a chapter to their book "Now See Hear ". Ann's own art practice is in photography and film. She is presently research assistant to the Dean of Postgraduate Students.

Ref: A09P0065