The Arts and Artistic Value in Contemporary Arab-Muslim Society: A Critical Study on the Importance of the Evaluation of Artistic Beauty in Islamic Thought

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This paper mainly tries to answer a specific question: Is artistic beauty finds its real importance in the contemporary Islamic thought and consequently has the prospective influence on the Muslim social life? With its critical perspective, the paper begins with following the development of the relationship between thinking about arts and practicing the aesthetic values among Muslims society throughout this development along latest decades. The paper also discusses how the modern Arab- Muslim scholars have reacted to the western Aesthetics and explains the nature and possibilities of their contribution in the theory of beauty and philosophy of arts in what so- called "Islamization of the arts" under the crucial circumstances of the controversial attitudes toward the arts and artistic beauty between the intransigent Muslim "'Ulamaa" who have a great effect on the latest Muslim generation and liberal Islamic scholars. The main conclusion of the paper is that the value of beauty in general, is not yet that important to the Muslim society and the ongoing argumentation is leading this value to be more alienated and thereupon the contemporary Islamic thought will have no possibilities without concentrating on the value of beauty and reconsidering the evaluation of knowledge as the very base of building a fruitful and effective Islamic theory of the arts to enrich the Muslim social life.

Keywords: Arts and Artistic Beauty in Contemporary Muslim Society, Islamic Thought and Islamization of the Arts, Western Aesthetics, Philosophy of Arts
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Dr. Hilal M. Jihad

Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Artistic Philosophy of Arabic Literature, Department of Arabic
College of Arts And Sciences (Al-Marj City), University of Garyounis

Al- Marj City, Libya

I am an academic member of teaching staff and a translator. I obtained my Ph. D. from the University of Mosul, Iraq in 1998. My main research interests focuses on Aesthetics, philosophy of arts and Arabic literature. I published two books on the philosophy of Arabic poetry and Aesthetics of poetry in addition to nine researches on Arabic literature. I also pay much attention to translate from English into Arabic in Aesthetics and modern linguistics and I published one translated book on the semantics of Qur'an by Toshihico Izutsu. I attended many conferences in different Arab countries on literature, arts, language and philosophy.

Ref: A09P0594