Directing and the Role of Instructions

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In this paper I focus on the role of instructions in the work of directors during productions. The directing process is a complex creative activity and giving instructions is an essential, but also observable, part of that process. Using recordings I have made of interactions between directors, actors, and other participants during radio-play productions, I examine what specific types of directing instructions can be identified, how they are used by individual directors, and whether different directors tend to use the same types of instructions?

I also consider the transnational aspects of directing, i.e. the extent to which directing practice is culturally specific or can be understood in a context that is more independent of local traditions and norms. My general approach is a combination of discourse analysis and genetic criticism, and within this framework I treat directing as a form of artistic spoken discourse. During the presentation I shall be playing audio samples to demonstrate how different directors give instructions.

Keywords: Directing, Instructions, Spoken Artistic Language, Discourse Analysis
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Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Directing and the Role of Instructions

Dr. Andrea Milde

Lecturer in German, Department of Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics, University of Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

I am interested in artistic discourse, directing, artistic production processes, and written and spoken text production. I am always very interested in collaborating with directors in order to explore directing processes in different cultures.

Ref: A09P0586