Female Models in Picture Books: Contributions from the Artworks of Anthony Browne to the Image of Women in Children's Literature

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We review the models of women projected through the Anthony Browne`s picture books. We analyze the network relationships between mother-son, father-daughter, sister- brother and friend-friend. We identify passive archetypes: adult woman admired and revered (Mi mamá. México: FCE, 2005, En el bosque. México: FCE 2004); women depending on man (Willy el tímido. México: FCE, 1984, Willy el soñador. México: FCE, 1997; Las pinturas de Willy. México: FCE, 2000). It contrasts with the projections of active archetypes: interventionist women who take risks maintaining their femininity, who make changes and improve their environment, and face internal and external conflicts in a spirit of renewal (Gorila. México: FCE, 1991, El libro de los cerdos. México: FCE, 1991; El túnel. México: FCE, 1993, Voces en el parque. México: FCE, 1999, El juego de las formas. México: FCE, 2004). We propose bibliographic selection criteria and guidelines for didactic use of picture book, through a critical reading of the women’s social roles.

Keywords: Children's Books, Picture Books, Artwork, Anthony Browne, Woman, Gender Stereotypes, Discrimination
Stream: Literary Arts Practices
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Female Models in Picture Books

Prof. María José Lobato

Head of Studies on School Teachers, CES Cardenal Spinola
Fundación San Pablo Andalucía, CEU (Sevilla University)

Sevilla, Spain

Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville and Restorer. Professor of C.E.S. "Cardenal Spínola" CEU Coordinator in the Department of Humanities (Visual Arts Education). Member of Research Group P.A.I. "Marcas Andaluzas: Discurso y Literatura." Project works with libraries to Reading Entertainment. Author of articles and contributions in journals, print and network, Plastic and Visual Education.

Prof. Beatriz Hoster

Assistant Director, Direction of "CES Cardenal Spinola CEU" (Sevilla University)
Sevilla, Spain

BA in Philology and Doctor of Philosophy and Education Sciences. Professor of C.E.S. "Cardenal Spínola" CEU in the area of Didactics of Language and Literature. Member of Research Group P.A.I. "Marcas Andaluzas: Discurso y Literatura." Collaborating with schools, town halls, libraries, CEP Andalusian and other agencies on projects to promote reading habits and distribution of children's literature. Author of articles in magazines and collaborations and papers on Literature and Education.

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