The History of Sagar Firing in Ceramic Art and a Practice with Students

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It has been realized by the human being who had shaped clay, the main ceramic raw material, also created the first ceramic pots for the preservation of food.
However, before shaping the clay, by plastering baskets with mud he had made his first pots. When he exposed these to fire he realized that the clay became hard. He developed these pots further and eventually created real ceramic pots. Creation of the first ceramic by human beings occured at the same time as the period after the exploration of fire. For this reason, it’s been thought as the period between 9000-10000 B.C. Humans who started to become expert on clay during this process, developed clay shaping methods, and also began to use some ornamental methods. However he understood that along with the shaping, which is not enough by itself to complete ceramic, changed and developed firing methods.
During the first periods, firing process was being done in open fire but to get better results, human being refreshed himself with constant research and made his own ceramic kiln.
Before the invention of the ceramic kilns, as a result of firing in open fire, ceramics came to harm. However, during the Sui and Tang Dynasty in China, an important firing method had been found. In this period, porcelains had been fired in closed boxes in order to protect them from fire and smoke. Those closed boxes were called “Sagar”, and firing method was called “Sagar Firing”.
Today, this firing method is mostly used by ceramic artists to create artistic and surprized effects. In this study, the history of Sagar Firing is going to be introduced with the examples of modern ceramic artists’ works. At the same time, with the sophomore (2nd year) students from School For Handicapped, Ceramics Department, Sagar Firing applications are going to be presented which were produced before in the Ceramic Technology and Application II course.

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Cigdem Onder Er

Lecturer, Ceramic Department
School For Handicapped, Anadolu University

Eskişehir, Turkey, Turkey

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