Reading Civil Rights Photography: A Museum Visit for Middle School Children

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The coordinated efforts of Teacher Specialist Laura Victore and Education Curator Harry DeLorm allowed for an effective visit for the sixth graders of Savannah Chatham County to the Jepson Center for the Art. Students "read" documentary photography which captured images from the Civil Rights Era in the city of Savannah Georgia. Thoughtful discussion and hands-on art activities were prompted by docents during the visit, and lessons were prepared for the students to continue an in-depth study of the topics of race and identity upon return to their schools.

Keywords: Identity, Museum
Stream: Performing Arts Practices: Theatre, Dance, Music
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Laura Victore

Teacher Specialist for Visual and Performing Arts, Curriculum and Instructions
Academic Affairs, Savannah Chatham County Public School System

Savannah, Georgia, USA

My seventeen years of professional experience in teaching art coupled with my corporate display experience relates closely to my current demands as a Teacher Specialist. I am often asked to put to use my organizational and curriculum writing skills, but my abilities to manage multiple tasks and set priorities with efficiency can be seen in the many hats I wear. As a teacher, much of my interaction with my students had involved collaboration with outside working artists, creating public art, and interfacing closely with area employers, the public and local galleries. I now promote that same interaction with the community for the teachers I mentor at Savannah-Chatham County's Public School System.

I have applied fine arts to the curriculum in both high-tech and hands-on environments within the schools. It has always been my philosophy to allow students the ability to share their talents with their community, and allow them authentic assessment and pride in their work. My own art making processes, (as a painter, ceramist and a marble sculptor) represents similar values.

My objective as mentor to fine art teachers has been to create an atmosphere which supports an agenda to enrich students’ cultural awareness. The Fine Arts classrooms are an ideal forum which allows students to create art and incorporates art history into each and every art lesson. Many of the projects I promote, incorporate cross-curriculum lesson and unit plans, and involve, not only other teachers, but team teaching by incorporating many types of students with different learning styles.

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