Body Subjected to Art: Martyrs, Castrati and Performers

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In this paper we will try to analyze in a comparative way the discursive constructions and practices of meaning and power related to body representations in three types of manifestations. First the focus will be on martyrial iconography, especially in the Spanish Counterreformation 16th century paintings, and its relation with mentalities history; secondly musical practice through castrati and countertenors voice transformation/travestism will be taken in account, and finally will try to provide an overview of corporal actions by actual body artists as Orlan or Stelarc. Departing from the theoretical focus of pragmatic aesthetics (specially from those ideas by Shusterman and his study of somaesthetic) we’ll try to understand body representations and the mechanisms by which the body becomes a meaningful form in day-to-day artistic practices.

Keywords: Somaesthetic, Artistic Practices, Power, Aesthetics Pragmatism
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Dr Mercedes Castillo-Ferreira

Lecturer, Department of Music Didactics, Arts and Physical Education, Jaén University
Jaén, Spain

Currently a lecturer at Jaén University I got two degrees at Granada University in Musicology and History of Art where I have written my doctoral dissertation on "Music and Ceremonial at the Abbey of the Sacromonte in Granada" under the supervission of Dr. Emilio Ros Fábregas. My research work has been focused in historical musicology and its relation to other artistics manifestations, as visual arts and literature. I'm very interested in the evolution of different artistics concepts through history, specially those concerning the body and the self.

Victor Yanes-Córdoba

Lecturer, Department of Music Didactics, Arts and Physical Education, Jaén University
Jaén, Spain

Iván Maldonado-Requena

Teacher, Social Sciences
I.E.S. Hiponova, Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía

Granada, Spain

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