Artists' Blogs: International Discourse and Diaries from a Virtual Arts Community

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The use of blog sites by artists, individually or as a community, provides a diaristic insight into contemporary concerns and issues within a specific art audience. Artist blogs are global in their interactions and make for a virtual diaspora of a contemporary media savvy generation of artists. By first exploring artist blogsites from Melbourne, Australia, the presentation examines links with a wider international arts community. This presentation will examine the political, personal and artistic concerns of artist communicating in a medium which is unfettered by formal academic strictures, is continually evolving, personal and revealing. The open diary format of a contemporary artists blog sites can reveal much about a generation of artists for whom the desire to communicate with a virtual audience of like-minded friends and strangers may be a compulsive symptom associated with the use of new media. Visually diverse and compelling statements of intent from various art blogsites will be presented to illustrate this busy but often overlooked artist medium.

Keywords: Virtual Global Arts Communities, New Media, Art and Politics, Constructing Art Worlds
Stream: Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr Phil Edwards

Lecturer in School of Art, Painting, RMIT University
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am a lecturer in the field of painting at RMIT university. I have been an exhibiting artist in formal and alternative artspaces for over 25 years. My PhD was about the making of music within a contemporary visual art practice. My Masters concentrated on the informal aesthetic found in the everyday stacking and piling of objects by non-artists and how that may be related to broader cultural values.I am currently working on non-objective paintings on paper as well as recording and blogging.I am most interested in the arts when they fall inside an area of investigation not immediately absorbed into formal or academic strictures. One current art project is the compiling of a cookbook about rabbits and their place in art history. I continue to sporadically work on art music projects.

Ref: A09P0508