The Rhetoric and the Reality: Teaching Artists’ Experiences and Views on the Arts Partnership in Hong Kong

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Due to the shortage of government funding for supporting the development of arts education in Hong Kong, although arts partnership is claimed and promoted as an effective approach to arts education by the official discourses, arts partnership turns out to be a business rather than an education. The independent artists and small arts education company face intensive competition with their counterparts. The marketisation of arts education and the ideologies of managerism, accountability and commoditization further shape the relation between the teaching artist and the school which are mainly transactional, estranged and asymmetrical. Drawing on the theories of Mikhail Bakhtin and Critical Theorists, this paper aims at grasping a deep and contextual understanding of this phenomenon by investigating the teaching artists' experiences and views of their arts partnership with schools. Finally, four themes of the partnership relations are generated which include external collaboration, confirmation production, alienated collegiality and emerging and dialogue the connections. This findings reveal that the influence of marketisation made a great impact on the arts partnership and hence the arts teaching and learning at the classroom level. To find the way out, the informants assert that a persistence of professional integrity and compromise are vital. They would remove teacher’s resistance to change and break the circle of using arts to reproduce school's taste and value.

Keywords: Arts Partnership, Arts Education, Teaching Artist, Marketisation, Commoditization, External Collaboration, Confirmation Production, Alienated Collegiality, Emerging Dialogue
Stream: Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Rhetoric and Reality:

Dr. Po Chi Tam

Early Childhood Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The area of her study is drama and literacy. She is particularly interested in looking into the use of drama as a learning medium to promote students’ multiliteracies, aesthetic experience and dialogic understanding.

Ref: A09P0485