An Intercultural Aesthetic Dialogue: Creativity and Innovation across Cultures

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Artistic expression utilises practical creativity as a communication tool for the development of new understandings across cultures. This is equally valid for contemporary artists as it has been for our ancestral artists and artisans. Throughout human history creative arts practice has been instrumental in providing interactive, reflective, analytical contexts in which to draw out new knowledge and build new meaning systems. It has the ability to cross cultural boundaries and to make comment on and about the periphery, by mediating unfamiliar cultural forms and providing connections between people and cultures, and between past and present. The outcome of the application of this creative process is the generation of knowledge and understanding that can afford a multiplicity of ways of encountering and representing intercultural experiences.

Keywords: Creative Arts Practice, Intercultural Communication, Creativity and Innovation
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Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Intercultural Aesthetic Dialogue, An

Dr. Donna Wright

Academic, School of Arts, Social Sciences and Education, James Cook University
Highgate Hill, Queensland, Australia

Dr. Donna Wright has a Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art, Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training, Master of Arts (Research - Arts and Social Sciences) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Social Sciences). She has been an adult educator for 17 years, working in both the vocational and higher education sector. She has been involved in cross-cultural education and curriculum development since 1991 and currently consults on global educational design. Donna specialises in communication and creative innovation and as such her scholarship is diverse, covering visual and creative arts practice-based research, social systems theory, cultural semiotics, intercultural communication, theories of creativity, cognitive psychology, visual studies and education. Donna's interest lies in reviving the communication tools of visual and creative arts practice by placing them into positions to act as vehicles for fresh and innovative approaches to our continuing investigations into the human communicative process and its complex systems of mutual understanding.

Ref: A09P0484