Arts in Media: The Romanian Case

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Although its representatives tend to consider that media should be just another business, media is also responsible for shaping the cultural horizons and understanding of its public. This is the main reason of the present study, aiming to analyze the Romanian newspapers' interest in cultural events. previous pilot study proved a mixed situation: some tabloids are not at whole interested in cultural events, while others cover them extensively. when considering the newspapers aiming a more educated public, the situation is rather similar. The present investigation aims to present the image of the cultural coverage in the main Romanian newspapers, with special focus on arts and cultural organizations. The results are relevant especially for cultural organizations aiming to improve their relationships with media, making them better understand newspapers' cultural agendas.

Keywords: Culture and Mass Media, Arts, Cultural Organizations, Romanian Media
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Dr. Alexandra Zbuchea

Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Public Relations, National School of Political and Administrative Studies
Bucharest, Romania

Alexandra Zbuchea is specialist in marketing for culture, being also consultant for several important museums in Romania, such as National Art Museum or National Museum of Natural History, as well as for the Romanian National Network of Museums. Dr.Zbuchea was twice Fulbright scholar at Columbia University and at the New York University. She is member of several professional associations. She published various works on marketing for cultural, management of cultural organizations, PR in cultural sector, marketing research for culture etc. Alexandra Zbuchea is associated professor at the Department of Communication and Public Relations of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest, Romania. She also is freelance trainer for cultural marketing.

Ref: A09P0440