Religion Influence on Coffeehouse Painting

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Coffeehouse painting is an Iranian painting style which was done in coffeehouses. We can mention Ghajarie period as this art's climax age. Most of subjects in this style are religious and heroic. We can refer to Ferdosie epopee (Shahname) stories as famous purporst and concepts of this style, stories such as Ashkboos and Rostam conflict, Rostam & Sohrab, Siavash, or Ashoora purporsts like Mosslem departure to Koofe or do teflane mosslem (two children of Mosslem) and etc. we have tried in this project to investigate religious issue and its influence on this kind of painting.
Religion influences this kind of painting in three ways: 1- the use of messengers issue which plays a significant role in sheea due to their position as God apostle in earth, paintings like imam Hossein, or imam Ali behaviors. In this painting the artist points to religious issues, directly; 2- Utilizing religious behaviors like chivalry, praying and etc; 3- Utilizing Islamic signs in heroic issues, this kind of view can be the prettiest and the most sensitive influence of religion, due to incorporation of religion's view and heroic ones together by the artist, tableaus like Ashkboos and Rostam conflict (by Hossein Aghassie) or Siavash transmission across the fire which in both of them you can see a flag painted with this Motto : نصر من الله , which means god will help us.
Regarding to this issue that both of these tableaus are an inspiration of ferdosie epopee and this book belongs to non Islamic Iran (Zoroastrian Iran), this kind of view which have artist mentioned in his painting shows his sagacity and delicacy that makes a connection between these two thought. In this paper we have analyzed this kind of religion influence with pointing to artistic works of this style professionals (Hossein Aghasie, Mohammad Modaber, Hossein Hamedanie, and Fathollah Aghasie).

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