The Function of Visual Metaphors in Persian Carpet Design: The Medallion Status

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Traditional Iranian carpet motives along with its quality and colouring is deemed as a valuable part of Iran’s history of arts. Having studied the motives, the bold presence of metaphoric and more or less mythological concepts which root in Iran’s old culture and history is undeniable.

The Iranian carpet, as an applied art-industry, is one of the most faithful Iranian arts to the old Iranian traditions and culture for which has been mostly damaged throughout the history. With slight changes and turn-about in the Iranian motives, with oral traditions from passed over memory to memory to next generations, with few academic expertise in this area, all together accompanied by a rapid change in societies artistic requirements have caused the Iranian classic arts, gradually lose its former position.

In this article, the most popular motif in Persian carpets, Medallion, and its metaphoric concept and function, is studied. Medallion has been considered as one of the main motives in Persian carpets, but it seems that Medallion and its classic exceptional status is going to fade.

Keywords: Iranian Arts, Iranian Culture, Persian Carpet, Traditional Motives, Visual Metaphors, Medallion
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Besharat Fathi

Researcher, Consultant, Terminology Goup, Iranian Academy of Persian Language and Literature
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am graduated in Carpet Design, at University of Art. I have worked as an assistant-researcher for department of Iranology, in Informology institution, around 2 years. Currently, I am working in Academy of Persian Language and Literature, as a consultant to Art terminology groups. I am highly interested in Mythology and Metaphoric studies as well as traditional culture and design. Besides, I am interested in some multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields which link Language and culture to Art, in the research methodology.

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