Peter Handke's Controversial One Man Crusade for the Serbian Cause

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The Austrian writer Peter Handke, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2005, which was finally awarded to Elfriede Jelinek, was born in the bilingual village of Griffen/Grebing in Carinthia near the border with Slovenia and Italy. In my talk I am going to explore Handke's war novels in the context of his personal involvement with Serbian culture and politics. His controversial political engagement for the Serbs, which casts a sharp shadow over his literary reputation, can be tracked to Handke's origins.

Keywords: Peter Handke, War Novels, Controversial Political Engagement for the Serbs
Stream: Literary Arts Practices
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Dr. Esther V. Schneider Handschin

Lecturer, Technical College Basle
Reinach/Basle, Basel, Switzerland

Esther Schneider Handschin was born 1951 in Basle, Switzerland, where she still lives. She is married and a mother of a daughter. She studied literature, history and arts at the University of Basle, Sorbonne, Paris, University of Aix-en-Provence and finally obtained a PhD in German Literature from The University of Birmingham UK. She is a lecturer at the Technical College in Basle and has about 30 publications, mostly on Austrian, but also on German and Swiss literature. Her work focuses mainly on an interdisciplinary approach, relating literature to globalisation, multiculturalism, social history, collective memory, etc.

Ref: A09P0418