Art Education Opportunities: Assessment of an Art Community in Northeastern Wisconsin

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Technical colleges are successful at providing education, training, and development of a skilled workforce, but usually lack a strong arts program as it is not seen as a practical skill in a technical career path. However, research has shown that art provides valuable skills that can be utilized in technology based occupations as well as give students and employers the competitive edge in the global economy.

This paper investigates the views of local artist, members of art organizations, and art enthusiasts to determine the level of interest in art programs being offered at the local technical college.

The paper summarizes the results of an exploratory study using artists and art enthusiasts as the data source. The study had the following aims: to gain a understanding of the level of community interest in attending an art workshop taught by a Master Artist; to gain a understanding of the types of art workshops the community was interested in; and to gain a understanding of any additional art educational opportunities the art community was interested in.

Keywords: Visual Artist, Art Events, Art Education Defining the Audience, Art and Economic Development, Technical College, Higher Education
Stream: Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Susan B Hopf Lemerond

Master's Student and Assistant to CIO, Information & Instructional Technology, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

As an ongoing student and lifelong learner since 1987, Sue has completed an Associate Degree in Marketing and Graphic Communication, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art, and is currently finishing up her Master of Education in Education and Human Resource Studies with a Specialization in Adult Education & Training. After completing her graduate studies she intends to pursue the goal of making one small part of the world a better place through art and education. Art specialties include clay sculpture, portraiture and bas relief.

Ref: A09P0401