On Some Umbrellas

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In this paper which is published in Third Text (Routledge) recently, I concentrate on the condition of being woman in Sevim Burak's work with respect to Derrida and Nietzsche's use of the notion of "umbrella" that also upsurges in Burak's work in various graphic forms. I will argue that Burak's use of voice in her works invokes the concept of "crypt" in psychoanalytical theory (Abraham and Torok), and offers a multifarious reading practice based on a certain sense of visuality and aurality where "proper language" is shaken into pieces, no more preserving the umbrella as a protection, as a shield against "aporia." Presentation will be in the form of a performance for three voices which informed my article in three columns and which I will actualise with pre-recorded material via laptops.

Keywords: Sevim Burak, Voice, Umbrella, Woman,, L'écriture Feminine
Stream: Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
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Dr. Zafer Aracagok

Lecturer, Department of Graphic Design
Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Bilkent University

Ankara, Turkey

Dr Zafer Aracagök is an academic/musician who teaches continental philosophy and philosophy of art at Bilkent University, Ankara, TR. He is the author of three books (in Turkish) and a number of articles addressing the issues of image, resonance and noise in continental philosophy and in the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari in journals such as Pli-The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, Parallax, Third Text and Symploke. His musical work is well received, released and performed both in Turkey and abroad such as, UK, France and Italy.

Ref: A09P0393