Re-Versioning as Interdisciplinary Practice

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This paper is principally concerned with developing knowledge of the aesthetics of contemporary performance making and places this knowledge in a context characterised by intertextuality, appropriation and hybridity which provide the impulse for re-purposing and re-versioning within and across various symbolic forms. As we are dealing with the aesthetic dimension, these knowledges lie holistically within each person – they are sensuous apprehensions, cognitively, affectively, and kinaesthetically known.

A dance work 'between/memory and/skin' was the source work for an immersive installation 'the space between/memory and/skin' which in turn became the source work for 'skinning memory'. These works were each re-versioned and reframed, firstly into a new experiential context as an installation and then re-versioned again into a formal theatrical space. This paper will explore the evolution of, and reveal and argue the case for re-versioning as a core creative process in interdisciplinary arts practice.

Both the dance works and the multi-sensory installation work were the outcome of collaborative practice-led investigations into the human body in performance, its immediate liveness and visceral impact in real and virtual spaces.

Keywords: Re-Versioning, Contemporary Performance, Interdisciplinarity, Dance, Installation
Stream: Performing Arts Practices: Theatre, Dance, Music
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Shaaron Boughen

Head of Dance, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Shaaron Boughen is currently Head of Dance in the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. She has worked as a performer and teacher in the UK and Australia and has an extensive practice as a choreographer (over 30 works) and curator. Shaaron also has a broad design background from theatre works to product launches to pyrotechnics and has designed costumes for works by many leading Australian choreographers. She is currently investigating the live body in digital spaces, interdisciplinary practices and reversioning processes across multiple performance platforms and has collaborated with architects, musicians, fashion designers and digital media forms. Shaaron is the Queensland Dance reviewer for The Australian and has published in Realtime, Innovation In Australian Arts, Media And Design and Currency Companion To Music And Dance In Australia.

Ref: A09P0354