A Comparison of Ritual Creation and Use of Ch'an and Pure Land Art in China

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The creation of Ch'an art drew from the insight into the Ch'an mind by the artist and trasmitted the Ch'an mind to the ritual viewer. This was very different than the ritual creation and use of Pure Land art which was inspirational and devotional.The focus of this paper is the T'ang and Sung periods.

Keywords: Buddhism, China, Ch'an/Zen, Pure Land
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Dr. A.W. Barber

Associate Professor, Buddhist Studies
University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison (Buddhist Studies), MA Psychology, BA Asian Philosophy.

Research areas: Buddha Nature, Pure Land.
Research Languages: Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali.

Buddhism in the Krishna River Valley of Andhra (Editor & contributor)
The Tibetan Tripitaka: Taipei Edition {72 vol.} (Editor)

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Ref: A09P0330