Modernism Re-Visited: Russia's Emerging Art Market

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The changing perception of Russia as a country in a post-Soviet world has caught the collective imagination. Of all the changes witnessed and discussed at length none has been more pronounced than the changing face of the Russian art market. Within this context the definition of ‘Russian art’, and its place within contemporary society has become construed through notions of identity, culture and capital, the stable signifiers of artistic production and its history.

This paper seeks to explore the place for Russian art in an international context and how Russian art as a marketable commodity is at present subject to an inherent revisionism. Amongst the many questions this raises is how ‘art’ as a market led force can influence the trajectory of art and its histories. This history has long since proclaimed the essential difference between the artistic traditions of America and the EU during the modern period, but the present focus on all things Russian highlights its absence from this history. The rapid rise of the emerging market for Russian art begs the question as to how issues other than financial gain and an associated prestige can delimit the space between cultural values, historical values and commercial values, and whether or not in today’s society these spaces still exist.

Keywords: Russian Art, Modern Art, Modernism, Art History, Art Market
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
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Dr. Tara Galliver

Independent Researcher
Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

Ref: A09P0288