The Art Policy of Turkish Governments

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The important factor combination for nations is social justice, equal rights and freedom. But as driving power of the combination is art, education and culture, shaping them all and setting their priority. The governments' development of art, education and culture leads to disputes that may impede that development. Governments set up a regular plan of development and carry it out during their active period. They frequently counteract the previous government's program the pursue goals ignored by it. This back-and-forth behavior is a waste of time. In my opinion the government ought to constitute a committee for defining the nation's art, education, and culture policy. This committee needs to be independent of the government. The persons appointed must be practicing artists on the one hand and have education and culture experience also. Additionally, committee members ought not reflect their personal political opinion into their art and culture recommendations. The policies executed by such a committee would provide stability and would be able to correct faulty policies. To demonstrate reasons to support my idea I have reviewed government policies from the first Turkish Government of 1924 down to the present day and chosen relevant examples.

Keywords: Arts, Government, Policy
Stream: Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
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Prof. Saime Dönmezer

Associate  Professor, Print Department
Faculty of Fine Arts, Anadolu University

Eskisehir, Turkey

1964 Born in Doğanşehir, Turkey 1986 B.F.A. Faculty of Education, Graphics Department, Gazi University, Ankara 1989 M.F.A., 1994 D.F.A. (Doctora of Fine Arts) Social Science Institute, Anadolu University Eskişehir 1987 Research Assistant, Anadolu University, Eskişehir. 1995 Assistant Professor at the Graphics Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Anadolu University 1997-99 Worked in the Volkerkunde Museum, Vienna, Osterreich. 1997 Worked in the Akademie der Bildende Kunste. 2001 Recived scholarship from Lamspringer September-Gesellschaft, Deutscland. She won two prices in some competitions. She participated in many national and international group exhibitions, also held solo shows. She is member Afrisian-International Fine Art Society, Austria and member of international Association of Art-Turkey, Currently she is on the teaching stuff in Print Department of Faculty of Fine Arts, Anadolu University

Ref: A09P0200