Techno Transnationalism

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Knowing the planet through the eyes of satellites and sensors how do artists work within a techno transnational environment. Being able to trust that collaborators are 'there' is key to techno connectivity. To do that over a distance makes the possibility of interconnection more exhilarating and worrying as technology develops. Techno transnationalsim is expressed in every lag, pixilation, layering of software, college of communication technologies. These tools are used for collaborate, creative and performative art practice. Choreographic exchange, maintaining consist communication across the globe is effected by human traits of motivation and distraction. The humanness of long silence, delayed responses and miscommunication leads to a disjointed process. However these disjointed elements become incorporated in techno transnationalism as technology and human ingenuity moves towards a collective 'we'. The presentation will address the implementation of and opportunities of a collective 'we' and how this relates to major art events across the globe.

Keywords: Techno Transnationalism
Stream: Arts Theory and Criticism
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Techno Trans-nationalism,

Pauline de Souza

Programme Leader, Visual Theories Department, University of East London.
London, UK

Pauline de Souza is a Director of Diversity Art Forum that has supported a number of projects-the First International Video Exhibition in Valenica and Underconstruction (Lisbon).

Ref: A09P0167