Canadian Repertoire for "The other Choir": Canadian Hymnody for use in the Congregation

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Even though Canada has a brief history as a country, hymnody has been very much a part of the Canadian landscape - from Canadian TV shows, to denominational hymnals produced for the Canadian churches. Although much of Canada's church music has been influenced by its' cultural mosaic, many Canadian hymnwriters have developed through the past century, with their hymns (both texts and tunes) being published in Canadian and international denominational hymnbooks. Canadian hymnwriters from the past and present will be explored in this presentation, as well as a brief history of Canadian hymnody. This workshop presentation will involve singing of the representative hymns along with a discussion towards the variety of ways of presenting new hymnody and copyright issues as it has to do with Canadian hymnody.

Keywords: Hymns, Canadian History, Congregational Song, Hymnody, Church Music, Music in Canada, Canadian Composers, Canadian Authors
Stream: Performing Arts Practices: Theatre, Dance, Music
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Joy Berg

Assistant Professor, Music and Church Music, Department of Music
Humanities Division, Concordia University College of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Joy Berg, assistant professor at Concordia University College, is choral conductor for the two Concordia choirs (Concert Choir and Community Chorus), chapel Cantor for the daily chapel services, and teaches music history and church music classes. As a professional chorister, Dr. Berg sings in the alto section of Pro Coro Canada; she has also been given the Con Spirito award from the Alberta Choral Federation. As a church musician, she has been an auditioned participant in Calvin College's Hymnody course and her passion towards enabling the congregation in its song has lately found a focus in research towards hymnody, liturgy, and Canadian hymnwriters.

Ref: A09P0162