New Forms of Public Participation in the Contemporary Art Museum: Evidence from PS1 Warm Ups

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Research on public participation has traditionally highlighted the exclusivity of art museums (Bourdieu and Darbel 1991; DiMaggio 1996; DiMaggio and Useem 1978), even though the explanatory power of social class for museums attendance has decreased over time (DiMaggio and Mukhtar 2004; Gans 1999 [1975]). This paper addresses how artists, attendees and museum professionals engage with the contemporary art museum today, by looking at the case study of the Warm Up series at PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Warm Up is a music series that take place at the courtyard of PS1, with the aim of combining music with the exhibition program. Drawing on the data of twenty two interviews to artists, attendees and museum professionals, the case study of the Warm Up series at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center in New York suggests a revision of the literature on museum audiences.

Keywords: Public Participation, Visual Arts, Contemporary art, Museums, Audience
Stream: Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy
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Anna Zamora

Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, Columbia University
New York, NY, USA

Anna Zamora is a doctoral student at the Sociology Department at Columbia University, New York. After finishing her undergraduate studies at the University of Barcelona, she received the graduate fellowship of the Caja Madrid Foundation. Her research brings together insights from the sociology of culture and economic sociology to understand the staging of contemporary collections in the art museum.

Ref: A09P0161