The Cowboy and His Music: The Music of the Chisholm Trail

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The cowboy of the Chisholm Trail drove longhorn cattle from Texas to the railheads in Kansas, and he sang all along the way. This was the largest migration of animals in the history of the world, and it provided the beginning of the cattle industry, economic development in many states, and was the start of a world-wide appeal of the Old West and the Cowboy. This short period of history continues to influence culture through music, film, art, literature, and sculpture. This presentation will include dissemination of research on authentic cowboy music made possible by two Big-12 Collegiate Research Grants awarded the presenter, resulting in research conducted at The University of Oklahoma and its Library of Western History, the Museum of the Cowboy in Oklahoma City, The University of Texas at Austin and its Library of History of the West, at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Duncan, Oklahoma, and the Kansas History Museum in Topeka, Kansas. As part of the presentation, a preview of selected sections of a DVD created by Dr. Fallin from historic pictures and recordings of authentic cowboy music will also be shown.

Keywords: The American Cowboy, Authentic Cowboy Music, Influences of the Cowboy in the Arts
Stream: Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
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Dr. Jana Fallin

Professor, Division Chair, Music Education, Department of Music, Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Dr. Jana R. Fallin, Professor of Music at Kansas State University and Division Chair of Music Education, was recently selected by the Provost as Coordinator for the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence at K-State. Dr. Fallin is the author of a book published for use with elementary education majors, "Face the Music." In 2002-2003, she was selected as the University Distinguished Teaching Scholar (UDTS) at K-State. In her role as UDTS, Fallin designed a DVD, "Engaging the Learner," illustrating excellent teaching on the K-State campus. She received two Big 12 Fellowship Grants, conducting research on Authentic Cowboy Music, and was granted a sabbatical for Spring 2006 to continue this research on music of the trail drives. She has created a DVD, "The Music of the Chisholm Trail" from her research on authetic cowboy music. She has taught previously at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, and the University of Northern Iowa. In 1998, she was selected as a Visiting Professor at Georgia State University. She holds membership in numerous national and state organizations for music education and the arts. She serves as the Kansas chair for the Society for General Music. Twice she received the Stamey Teaching Award at K-State, is listed in Outstanding Women of American, and was an Outstanding Senior Woman at Baylor University. She has a Bachelor of Music Education from Baylor University and both a Masters and Music from the University of Texas at Austin. Her publications are in Music Educators Journal, Journal of Music Teacher Education, the Mountain Lake Reader, and the Delta Kappa Gamma Journal. She is married to David Fallin, who is CEO of his own consulting firm, Sunflower Consulting Corporation and is also a professor in Marketing at K-State. She is the mother of two sons, Daniel who is graduating from Kansas State University in December, and Ben, who will graduate next year, also from K-State.

Prof. David Fallin

Instructor, Department of Marketing
College of Business Administration, Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS, USA

David Fallin, CEO of Sunflower Consulting, also teaches Marketing at Kansas State University. His unique ability to use "real life" business information as part of his instruction makes him a popular professor with students in business. With his consulting firm, he has worked with numerous oil service companies. He has degrees from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, in Petroleum Engineering Technology, the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in Business, and an MBA from Kansas State University. He combines a career as a directional drilling consultant in the oil industry and a teaching career at the collegiate level. Many of his sites for drilling have been near the Chisholm Trail, and he understands the economic development contributed by of the cowboy and the trail drives.

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