Somatic Approaches to Artistic Inquiry: Move and Be Moved

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While moving or observing a person moving, somatic and sensory processes are elicited and these have an impact on both the observer and the mover. The methodology of kinesthetic attunement weaves subjective and objective experiences. Communication necessarily posits the potential for relational understanding. Movement is the first language of human relationship and remains the primary means to understanding empathetic cues.
Somatic practices ground a cognitive awareness of relationship in the primary experience of intra and interpersonal intelligence. Trusting this intelligence and the awareness of primary experience can both broaden and deepen a respect for difference. Embodied choreographic process expands sensory maps, movement, and design capacities. It honors the body and it is based in the space of witnessing and attuning to self and other

Keywords: Dance, Observation, Somatic Awareness, Embodiment, Artistic Inquiry, Kinesthetic Attunement
Stream: Performing Arts Practices: Theatre, Dance, Music
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Prof. Darcy McGehee

Associate Professor, Coordinator, Program of Dance, University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Darcy McGehee is an Associate Professor, Dance at the University of Calgary. She holds an MFA in dance and theatre. She incorporates training in theatre, voice, anatomy, kinesiology, and somatics in her approach to dancing, choreographing and teaching. She is a Certified Somatic Movement Therapist and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She researches human development, the use of somatic techniques in dance training and the application of somatic therapy to developmental delays.

Ref: A09P0144